'Portfolios for developing student capabilities'

This is a customised version of a fully-featured open source  ePortfolio software called Mahara. Mahara supports blogging and social  networking. The site provides teachers and students with a teaching and  learning environment that is highly student-centred, one that can  support and enhance personalised learning. Students can incorporate  blogs (reflective writing), audio, video, embedded powerpoints,  graphics, posters, concept maps and photographs in creative ways to  provide evidence of learning activities, processes and/ or learning  outcomes. The use of student-created media provides an opportunity for  students to express themselves creatively.

For more information you can visit the TLC website or alternatively please feel free to Contact Us.

If this is the first time you login, please proceed your login in Moodle, click on "Mahara ePortfolio" to create an account for Mahara.


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